Adventist Youth donate more than 40 pairs of glasses to the Lions Club.

More than 40 pairs of glasses were collected, sanitized and donated to the Lions Club of Grand Cayman as part of the Global Youth Day Activities. These glasses will help the club offer free eyewear to those in need who can’t afford it.

All sixteen Seventh-day Adventist churches across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and students from Cayman Academy participated in “Show Up in the City” Global Youth Day (GYD), March 16, 2024. Youth in custom GYD t-shirts donning blue, purple, and yellow flooded the streets of George Town, distributing books, personalized water bottles bearing John 4:14 “But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst…”, extending invitations to the upcoming “Reset” campaign, praying for and encouraging citizens, presenting certificates of appreciation to the country’s emergency response teams, and handing over used test glasses to the Lions Club of Cayman that will be recycled for the less fortunate in and out of the Cayman Islands.

At the handing over of the glasses, Lion Brian Barnes expressed thank you on behalf of the Lions Club and commended all present for taking this kind of interest in their community.

In Cayman Brac, there was a Motorcade from east of the islands beginning at Spot Bay Community Park to the west side, ending at the Brac Reef Resort. Along the way youth stopped at various locations to do praise and worship, a mini motivational encouraging word, book distribution and prayer for the community. Some of the stops included the KCC Rest Home (Elderly Home) and the bustling Kirkconell’s Supermarket.

In George Town, despite the rain the youth actively engaged in activities. One young person reflected, “God allowed the rain to catch us at the bank because there was someone He wanted us to encounter”.

Surprisingly, they encountered at least three persons while waiting for the rain to stop. The youth demonstrated resilience and a keen desire for ministry, extending their outreach even after the rain ceased, impacting visitors arriving via cruise ships. “They expressed they did not have the time to stop but took the books and invitations”.

Upon returning from the walk, individuals shared their experiences from various impacted areas

“It was great. We had fun sharing the word”. “People were receptive and respectful”. “The youth seem to be happier being in the street. I saw this in how persistent they were”- Markino Fearon (Ps. Mark).

“As a church, we need to move away from the traditional worship and go out into the communities more”- Davian.

“I have seen the product of the implementation of faith and learning through the school (Cayman Academy). I think the idea of allowing the children to pray in class has caused them to not shy away from praying in public or to offer a word of encouragement”. – Shirlette Facey.
“I was happy to see even people in moving vehicles stopped to hear us and accept what we were giving out. For those who were not home we were able to leave their invitation at their door/mailbox” – Blackmore.

There was widespread praise from community members, youths, and law enforcement for the event’s impact. Youth Ministries Director of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Mrs. Merl Watkins expressed immense joy at witnessing the “authenticity of youth in sharing their faith”, emphasizing the event’s aim to “provide hope to the fearful and fallen”. She underscored the role of “Adventist youth in serving others and encouraged them to embrace their faith unashamedly, making Global Youth Day activities a part of their lifestyle”.

In George Town, the day concluded with a road march from Kirk Supermarket to Flow Cayman (Eastern Avenue), with an evening of worship and a presentation by Ministerial Intern Roshé Riley marking the launch of Youth Week of Prayer. In Cayman Brac, the youth gathered at the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School for an Evening of Music and Drama – Modern day Prodigal Son.

Further engagement await the youth, including the continuation of Youth Week of Prayer at Coe Beach on Sunday, March 17, 2024, and virtually throughout the week. The Youth Week of Prayer will culminate on Sabbath, March 23, 2024, with a Homecoming event titled “When Jesus Shows Up” at the Northside Civic Centre, featuring Union Youth Director Pastor Tarry Tanis as the speaker.

Cayman Islands | Written by: Petellee Jones, Editor: Devarro Whittaker | Photo Credit: Devarro Whittaker & Kevin Roberts

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