Two Souls Won in Cayman Academy Spring Week of Prayer

Cayman Academy, the foremost Adventist educational institution in the Cayman Islands, conducted baptisms for two students during its Spring Week of Prayer themed “Identity”. From March 13th to 19th, the high school division engaged in sessions led by Pastor France Chambers, while the Primary and Early Learning Centre (ELC) conducted theirs from March 18th to 22nd, 2024. Among the speakers for the primary division were Chambers, Danielle Webster, Josiah Blair, Kenardenio Henry, and Kaira Mowatt, while Counsellor Tamarie Williams addressed the ELC division.

During each session, the speakers analysed the concept of identity, its defining characteristics, and the biblical figures that serve as models for developing Christ-like character. A student from the high school division shared his reflection., “The summary of each sermon was informative, and videos used during the sermons were interesting; Pastor Chambers really grabbed my attention”. – Jaiden Bogle.

A few students from the primary level contributed their thoughts, “It was good! The speakers presented well, and they were entertaining. We would love to have that experience again. Also, the presentation of the song from Year 5 was good, and we think they can become professionals in the future” -Year 6 students.

As for the ELC division, the students Israelle, Hannah, and Zayne shared, “I like the painting”, we were taught to have the fruit of the spirit and be kind” “I also like when were sing together as a team, and I like when I did the scripture reading”.

The school chaplain and pastor, France Chambers, provided his insights on the week’s events, “This was a transformative week of prayer, and I am deeply moved by the overwhelming response of our students. Witnessing their earnest dedication and genuine desire for personal growth, particularly in the context of our theme, “Identity” has been nothing short of inspiring. They embarked on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal, by exploring the essence of who we are in the eyes of our creator”. Pastor Chambers continued “This week has affirmed a school community where positive change thrives, where everyone is empowered to embrace their unique identity and purpose. I am especially pleased with the decision of the two students to take a stand for Jesus”.

Annually, Cayman Academy facilitates student encounters with God during the Fall and Spring Week of Prayer. Occasionally, students choose to commit their lives to Christ as they are immersed in Christ-focused learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom, facilitated by the Integration of Faith and Learning approach.

When caught up with, one of the students who got baptised shared, “I feel happy, but I am nervous at the same time. I am nervous I will not be able to do a good job at being God’s servant”.

The parents of the other student exclaimed, “I am ecstatic! I too got baptised in school at an Adventist institution and to see the leagues living on I am happy that my daughter chooses God over the world and setting an example for her peers”. – Lisa Charlton

Finally, Councillor Tamarie Williams stated that it was “enriching to see that the students understood that they are God’s creation, and they were able to connect in class lesson with the stories and activities done in the week of prayer”. Vice Principal McLeod of the Primary division also shared her thought to say “It was enriching because the students led out and I could see that they put their all in it. It was spirit filled and just thinking about it gives me chills”.

As Christians, the road will not be easy and for students to give their lives to God at a young age; they too need the prayers, love and support. Continue to pray for the field of Cayman Academy, and its students as they live for Christ and be an example within the community of the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands | Written by: Petellee Jones, Editor: Devarro Whittaker | Photo Credit: Petellee Jones

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