Stewardship Holy Convocation in Guyana

In a week-long event held from January 20 to 27, 2024, the Stewardship Holy Convocation brought together over 60 delegates from English and Dutch-speaking unions in the Inter-American Division. The Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists participated alongside Adventist leadership representatives from various Caribbean organizations. Hosted in Guyana, the event aimed to engage active and inactive members and visitors in activities fostering a deeper connection with God.

Official guests from the Inter-American Division in Miami, USA, included Dr. Leonard Johnson, Executive Secretary, accompanied by his wife, and Dr. Roberto Herrera, Stewardship Director. Pastor Terry Tanis, Stewardship Director, and other delegates represented the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission.

The event’s unique approach involved assigning Pastor John E. Wesley, the treasurer of the Cayman Islands Conference, to a community in La Bonne Intention, Guyana, primarily consisting of Hindu and Muslim residents. Despite the challenges, the program successfully achieved its objectives, providing Pastor Wesley with a transformative experience as he interacted with a diverse and vibrant culture, promoting the word of God through positive biblical lifestyles.

The program, comprising nine discourses and visitations, had a profound impact, with five individuals baptized and embracing Jesus in their hearts. The Stewardship Holy Convocation strengthened the participants’ spiritual bond and demonstrated the power of positive engagement in communities with diverse religious backgrounds.

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