Ephesus Church Welcomes 7 New Members

The Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church recently concluded its highly anticipated two-week evangelistic series, “We Shall Behold Him,”. The series began on January 13 and featured the dynamic Pastor and International Evangelist Vaughan Henry, who delivered life-changing sermons nightly and on Sabbaths.

Located at 58 Seymour Drive in George Town, the Ephesus church embarked on this series as a culmination of their 40 days of prayer, setting the stage for a powerful spiritual experience. The series’ primary focus was to provide spiritual care and guidance to attendees. Still, the church also went above and beyond by offering health care services in collaboration with Angela Health Care.

Throughout the series, Angela Health Care provided on-site check-ups, allowing attendees to have their blood pressure, glucose levels, and other brief medical checks conducted at the church’s entrance. This initiative aimed to address not only the spiritual needs of the community but also their physical well-being.

Reflecting on the series, Pastor Vaughan Henry expressed his gratitude and shared his excitement for the positive outcome. “Preparing for this series has been a humbling experience,” said Pastor Henry. “We were blessed to witness the transformation and commitment of seven individuals who have chosen to dedicate their lives to God. It fills my heart with joy.”

The Ephesus Church community played a vital role in the evangelistic series, with Pastor Henry extending his heartfelt appreciation to all the members for their unwavering support and dedication.

Those interested in joining the Ephesus Church or learning more about its activities and services are encouraged to visit the church at 58 Seymour Drive in George Town. The church eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect with individuals seeking spiritual growth and a closer relationship with God. You can also view the live streams on their YouTube channel by clicking here.

By: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer, Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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