Introducing CIC Now

The show which enlightens educates and encourages; that’s the slogan for the latest production done by the Communication Department of the Cayman Islands Conference (CICMedia). CIC Now is a magazine video series which seeks to provide greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. It aims to facilitate the introduction of new skills, values and beliefs to the viewers. And it also aims to be a source of encouragement.

In the first few episodes, CIC Now has expanded and given more in-depth insight on specific concepts that have been in the recent Sabbath School Lessons, themes such as Solo Scriptura, Witnessing as well as Hermeneutics. All these insights are presented by the Pastors of the Cayman Islands Conference.

Since it is a magazine show and has several sections, the show utilizes experts in the various fields of the chosen topics. For the Spiritual matters, as mentioned above, these are presented by Pastors. In episode one “Managing our expectations” was presented by specialist Darisa Applewhaite, Guidance Counselor at Cayman Academy. “Managing kids while locked down” was introduced in episode two by Counselor and Therapist Terry Delaney. And in episode three, the feature “3 Ways you can prepare yourself and your family for a storm” was presented by Edris Ocho, Adventist Development and Relief Agency Cayman (ADRA).  ADRA is a registered non-profit that works closely with the Cayman Islands Government if there is a Disaster.  

Since the aim of the church is to be ministers, CIC Now is also a ministry tool. Each episode so far contains a family life nugget from our Family Life Department as it shares ways parents can keep their families faithful to God while we go through challenging periods. In future episodes, we will see content from other ministries of the Conference.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch CIC Now on CATV or our Youtube Channel as well as you can listen on Praise 87.9fm

Ps: After watching, go ahead and share it with someone you know will benefit from the information given.

A special thank you to all those who have been a part of the episodes so far

CIC Now Episodes.

Written by: Devarro Whittaker

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