Go M.A.D Youth Ministries Department Digital Event

The Youth Ministries Dept. of the Cayman Islands Conference climaxed Youth Month on July 24 – 25, 2020, with a Digital event encouraging and inspiring young people to go M.A.D., to Make a Difference in their world for Jesus Online, the largest missionary field today.

We were blessed by inspirational, challenging messages and practical tips by our young, dynamic, powerful speakers, Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Youth Director of the South Bahamas Conference, Felecia Datus, Special Projects Manager from the Center for Online Evangelism and our very own Roshe Riley, a 2nd-year Religion Major at Burman University, Canada. 

Pastor Jamal, on Friday night, Sabbath morning and evening, encouraged the youth to Go M.A.D. and become wall breakers just like Jesus, Joseph, Daniel, and Esther! He reminded us that God has given us the “three (3) angels’ Message” in Revelation 14 to share with the entire world, and Jesus needs us to share this Message of hope through our social media platforms and posts NOW. Jamal inspired us to reflect and examine the influence and digital footprints we are leaving online and challenged us to leave a digital print for Jesus.

On Sabbath evening, co-hosts, Rohannah Riley and Ptr. Carlon Nyack, Youth Director C.I.C., led out the evening proceedings for the online audience on Zoom and Facebook and started the evening with a mini-concert by our youth from various churches. Then they introduced the two (2) special presenters of the evening, Roshe and Felicia. Roshe shared with the youth how to develop a Faith that moves mountains. Throughout this presentation, she outlined that we must develop a relationship with Jesus, release whatever negative things we may be holding on to and to run to Jesus and to the world to Go M.A.D.

The specially invited presenter, Felecia Datus, shared in an efficient, powerful, personal, and visual way how to become influencers online by sharing our own story and experience, which is powerful when using online platforms. She also shared practical tips on how to become online missionaries for Jesus to go make a difference in this world!

Youth and young adults from all our congregations in the churches participated in the program over the weekend. There were also special video projects displayed, one which highlighted our Youth Week of Prayer speakers entitled “Bible Texts for Encouragement” and another about Heaven from Saskia Hurlston. Let’s Talk about Him, an Inter-American Division online evangelism initiative for youth was also highlighted (http://ltah.org/).  The projects were an illustration of ways our young people can practically get involved in going M.A.D. online.

On Saturday night, the weekend concluded with an Online Social and movie night! We praise and thank God for the powerful weekend that we have experienced. We want to thank and appreciate all of the hard-working, dedicated youth executive committee members, AY leaders, and youth from all the congregations who participated over the weekend and throughout the youth month.

Special thanks to Devarro Whittaker and the Communication Department for the technical support provided to the program. Special thanks also to the Conference Administration and Pastors for their support. We pray that God will continue to help the youth Go M.A.D., go Make a difference in this world for Jesus!

To view the videos, please visit CICMediaky on Facebook and YouTube.

Written by: Ptr. Carlon Nyack, Youth Director CIC l  Edited by: Devarro Whittaker.

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