Sweet Jubilee

Sweet, simple, serene, could be used to describe Filadelfia Adventist Church’s 5th  annual Christmas concert, ‘Dulci Jublilo’ held on 14th December 2019, which went off with a delightful taste.  Dulci Jublilo, translated as ‘Sweet Jubilee’, emphasised messages of hope and conveyed celebrations of Jesus our Redeemer’s entry into the world.

This concert featured some special guests:  The Bethel Adventist Church’s choir, Williams’ Quartet, Sebastian Leon on the harp, and local artists, Pastor Carlon and Heidi Nyack on the sax and piano, Johnny Sandoval, Pedro Calzado and Bryan Cubas on the guitar, Keila Woods and Alan Cubas on the flute and violin, along with the Filadelfia’s Church choir and ‘Jesus in the Strings’ orchestra, composed of 19 violins, 11 guitars, one saxophone, one harp, one bass and one chimes, played mainly by children and youth.

Through the Master and Mistress of Ceremony, Mr. Deandro Dracket and Ms. Shorlene Blanchard, the audience learned the historical value of how poetry was transformed into heartfelt songs, in an effort to illustrate how God inspired these composers to produce music that continues to impact the world today and to glorify Him.   

Pianist and choir director, Heidi Nyack, and pianist and orchestra director, Keila Woods, demonstrated their leadership qualities by producing a harmonious symphony of instrumental and vocal performances which brought inspiration and hope to the audience.

This concert was concluded by the lighting of candles to re-enact what it must have been like during that ‘silent night’ when our Saviour was born.  It was indeed a blessing to participate and what a great reminder that we can shine for Jesus in this dark world, and bring light and hope everywhere we go.

By Saskia Hurlston | Photo by Filadelfia Seventh-day Adventist Church
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