Historic Baptism Held in Little Cayman

The Little Cayman Seventh-day Adventist Church (Company) made history on Saturday, February 12, 2022, when the Church baptized two Caymanians for the first time.

Little Cayman, the smallest and described as the most tranquil of our three islands, is ten miles in length and one mile in width and has a population of approximately 270. Since being organized in 2015, the Little Cayman Adventist Church primarily had members on work permits. However, this changed recently, when Victor Lopez and his wife Emily accepted Christ through baptism and became a part of the Little Cayman Adventist Church.

Pastor Maurice Chambers, the Little Cayman and the Cayman Brac Adventist Churches pastor, said, “I am very excited about what has happened. I believe God is in control, and I want to encourage and congratulate Victor and Emily for taking this step. I also want to encourage other Caymanians, letting them know that they can follow in the footsteps of Victor and Emily.”

The baptism happened after a series of ongoing Bible Studies that anyone in the Little Cayman community can be a part of if they contact Pastor Chambers.

To contact Pastor Maurice Chambers, email maurice.chambers@cicsda.org or call 1345 9286457

Submitted by: Pastor Maurice Chambers, Pastor Little Cayman and Creek Seventh-day Adventist Churches l Edited by: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer

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