Historic Pathfinder Camp Held in Cayman Brac

The Annual Adventurer & Pathfinder Spring Camp for 2021 saw 126 Campers heading to the Agriculture Grounds on the Island of Cayman Brac. This event was historic in two ways. Firstly, it was the first spring camp to held on the Island. Secondly, six Master Guides in Training directed the entire camp, namely Abi-Gayle Watkins, Jessica Stewart, Dreshna James, KC Gordon, Camelle Mendez and Ken Stewart. These individuals served as Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Chaplin, Superintendent of Women, and Head of Security. Throughout the event, the theme “Champions for Christ” was used but was soon referred to as “C4C” by many campers.

When speaking with Sister Merle Watkins, Pathfinder Director of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, she said, “My team and I descended on the Island from Wednesday to prepare for the campers. As the campers arrived on Thursday, the entire atmosphere changed! The only feelings we allowed at Camp C4C was the Camp Vibe feeling, and I hasten to say it was full 100%”.

During the duration of camp, Pathfinders had the opportunity of earning their Kite, Felt, and Mat-making honours. Adventurers earned their Build and Fly Adventurer Award led by the Master Guides and Master Guides in Training.

For the Sabbath Worship experience, the campers were placed into groups to discuss various aspects of being a “Champion for Christ” instead of listening to a typical sermon. They were very engaged and presented their discussions creatively through drama, songs and short speeches. The campers also went into the Cayman Brac community to promote the upcoming campaign series, ‘Encounters With Jesus’. The newest addition to Annual Spring Camp was the ‘Prayer Tree’. Throughout the four days, campers would write prayers and staple them to a specific tree. On Sabbath afternoon, all prayers, written and unwritten, were lifted to God while the campers formed a large circle reflecting reverence and peace. For many, there is no camp without a social, so this camp was no different! Master Guide Lori-Ann Street lead the social activities giving the campers a memorable experience as they interacted with each other through songs and games.

When asked how she would describe Spring Camp 2021, Abi-Gayle Watkins, Master Guide in Training and Camp Director, shared, “It was a great experience to serve as the camp director! It deepened my exposure to what goes into the planning and execution of a camp. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do this alone. Master Guides in Training Jessica Stewart, Dreshna James and KC Gordon also excelled in their roles. It was a great experience combining our efforts in reassuring the young people that they were truly Champions for Christ”.

Written by: Director Merle Watkins l Edited by Devarro Whittaker

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