Regional-wide Online Evangelistic Series Expands Local Church Membership.

The Footprints of Hope (FOH) – Walking with Jesus Online Evangelistic Series, with Pastor Glen O. Samuels; the first mega evangelistic series of has ended, and a total of 79 persons have accepted Jesus through baptism in the Cayman Islands.

The FOH Series was an online initiative of 5 unions of the Inter-America Division of Seventh-day Adventists; the Jamaica Union, the Caribbean Union, the Dutch Union, the Belize Union and the Atlantic Caribbean Union – in which the Cayman Islands is a part. The series ran for six weeks and was broadcast from Jamaica on several Union and Conference YouTube and Facebook channels in early January. Participants also experienced the series on select television stations in the region and private establishments such as bars, homes, and businesses. 

The series was held in several Adventist Churches in the Cayman Islands using Zoom meetings hosted by these churches. Hosting this special digital series allowed the gospel news to be shared widely. Pastor Kevin Danvers, Personal Ministries Director of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Pastor of the Maranatha and Savannah Churches, shared one scenario where hosting the series digitally was advantageous. He shared, “On the final Sabbath of the Campaign, a Nicaraguan woman living in the community of East End came to the Savannah Seventh-day Adventist Church with her baptismal clothes. The woman shared with the Bible Instructor that she had never attended a Seventh-day Adventist Church before, but she received the link for the series from a friend. She also shared that she listened to the series each night and believed the Holy Spirit led her to the Savannah Seventh-day Adventist Church. After conducting a brief study with her that morning, she was baptized.”

Along with the messages from the speaker, the FOH series offered health lectures, counselling sessions, skills training, and a well sought-after Zoom room where persons got the chance to interact with the speaker and his team and have their prayers requests taken. In total, the number of baptisms across the region was approximately 4,200. The FOH series directly responds to the Gospel Commission given in Matthew 28:16-20, and if you were unable to participate, it is not too late. All the presentations can be seen by visiting our YouTube Channel at . 

The Cayman Islands Conference welcomes its new members and salutes all the existing ones. 

Written by: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer

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