Two New Deacons Ordained at the Bodden Town Church

The Bodden Town Seventh-Day Adventist Church recently held a special ordination service for two new deacons, Jadon Williams and Ainsley Hitchman. Pastor Maurice Chambers, Bodden Town Church’s pastor, ordained elders, and church deacons conducted a solemn service.

The duties of a deacon were highlighted during the service, emphasizing the significance of their responsibilities. “Deacons are called to be servants, ministers, and messengers of the church. They assist in various church activities, including welcoming members and visitors, assisting in services and meetings, and participating in the visitation of members.” Pastor Chambers shared from the pulpit. “Deacons also play a vital role in the preparation and execution of baptismal and communion services, ensuring that everything is well-organized and conducted with reverence.”

It is important to note that the role of a deacon goes beyond just collecting offerings. Deacons are called to care for the sick and aid the poor and unfortunate. They are also responsible for maintaining the church property and ensuring it is well-kept. Through their service, deacons exemplify reverence, honesty, and dedication.

During the ordination service, the church community prayed for Jadon Williams and Ainsley Hitchman, asking for God’s blessing and guidance as they embarked on this sacred journey. They were reminded of the importance of their role and the impact they can have in the lives of others. The church also committed to supporting and working alongside the newly ordained deacons in their ministry.

As the Bodden Town Church moves forward, the newly ordained deacons and the entire congregation are committed to answering the call, “Here am I, Lord, send me.” They are dedicated to serving the church and community and spreading the everlasting gospel of salvation.

Submitted by: Shirlene Henriques l Edited by Devarro Whittaker l Photo credit: Kristy Hylton

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