Bible Connection Atlantic Caribbean Union Finals 2021

The Youth Department of the Atlantic Caribbean Union On Sabbath, November 6, gathered virtually to celebrate the Bible Connection Finals 2021. All four fields were represented in the finals, and for the first time, the finalists were all female.

The representatives were
• The Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) – Dreshna James
• The North Bahamas Conference (NBC) – Olympia Miller
• The South Bahamas Conference (SBC) – Joshelyn Wood
• The Turks and Caicos Islands Conference (TCIC) – Ronique Brown

The Atlantic Caribbean Union President, Pastor Peter Kerr, The Union Youth Director, Dr. Kent Price along with all the Youth Directors, SBC – Pastor Jamal Franklyn, NBC – Pastor Peter Watson, TCIC -Director Judith Robinson, CIC – Pastor Carlon Nyack, all reiterated in their greetings that these wonderful, intelligent finalists were already winners regardless of the place they came.

Bible Connection is a special initiative of the Inter-American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Every year, a portion of the Bible is studied along with a book from the Spirit of Prophecy. This year’s competition was based on the Psalms 1-46 and 4 chapters of Patriarchs and Prophets (The Anointing of David, David a Fugitive, David’s Sin and Repentance, and The Last Years of David).
Over 200+ devices on Zoom and YouTube were connected for the Union’s first-ever virtual Bible connection finals. The four finalists had three rounds of 20 multiple choice questions to answer in each round. The winner would be determined by the speed and accuracy in which the participants answered these questions.

Elder John Garcia, Union Communication Director, shared the results with everyone watching each round’s end during the competition. At the end of the Competition, Dr Kent Price announced the winners and the respective positions they came in.

We congratulate all of the young ladies for a job well done. We praise God that they made the sacrifices necessary to stay connected to God through His Word, and we know that God will transform their lives because of the study of His Word. In addition, We wish all of the finalists’ success in their future endeavours and pray God’s blessings over them.

We will be praying for Joshelyn Wood from the South Bahamas Conference, representing the Atlantic Caribbean Union at the Division finals on November 20. She will join 23 other finalists to see who will come out on top for the Lord.

We Congratulate our finalist, Sis Dreshna James, for the excellent job that she did in representing us. Dreshna is a Master Guide in training, Assistant AY Leader and Counselor in the Gideon Pathfinder Club of the Savannah Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are very proud of her and pray that God will continue to bless and give her success as she pursues a Bachelor’s of Law Degree at Swansea University in Wales.

Special thanks to Assistant Youth Director Merle Watkins, Bible Connection Coordinator, Sis. Chamarayne Williams, Devarro Whittaker, assisted us with getting us online for the virtual event. We also thank Amerita James, Dreshna’s entire family and everyone for the prayer and support.

May God continue to bless all our young people as we encourage them to Stay Connected to God through the study of His Word and get ready to say I Will Go for Jesus!

Submitted by: Pastor Carlon Nyack, Youth Director Cayman Islands Conference.

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