A Conversation with Adventist Youth Johnathan Woods.

My journey as a student began when I was born. My first learning sessions started in a home where I learned first and foremost that “Jesus loves me!” I also attended the Bodden Town Seventh-day Adventist Church and progressed through each Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, starting with the Beginners.

In 2004, at four years old, I was enrolled in the preschool of Cayman Academy, where I continued my primary and high school education. I graduated from Cayman Academy in 2018 as an honour student. I must here register my appreciation to all my teachers who went the extra mile and contributed to my success. I also want them to know I appreciate all they did to further cement the Christian values I learned at home and church.

Upon graduation from Cayman Academy, I enrolled in the University College of the Cayman Islands. This year, in June 2022, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management. I am also privileged and blessed to be an honour student of the University College and be a member of the Cayman Islands chapter of Sigma Beta Delta Society.

I realize that our choices define us, so with God’s help and the encouragement from my parents and teachers, I did my best to stay focused, committed and dedicated to putting in the effort knowing that you only “get back what you put out”. The results have been rewarding and thrilling!

I advise others to be consistent even when they don’t feel like doing it. Life is precious! Don’t give up! It will not always be easy, it will get hard at times, but living, learning, and most importantly, having a relationship with God is worth it.

 – Johnathan Woods

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