Past Conference President Trevor Thompson has passed.

The Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists wishes to express our sincere condolences to Sister Jean Thompson and her family on the recent passing of Pastor T.W. Thompson. Pastor Thompson served our Mission as president from 1977 to 1983.

Dr. Wilton G. McDonald, who served as conference treasurer during this period, shared a few accomplishments during Pastor Trevor Thompson’s tenure as president. “There was a conference property on Fort Street in George Town, which was sold, and the funds purchased the property where our conference headquarters and Cayman Academy School are currently located at 209 Walkers Road, George Town.   A two-story building was erected to commence classes at the school’s new location. In addition, a triple, two-story apartment was built in Savannah to house workers, and the foundation of the Savannah Church was constructed”.

We praise God for using the Thompson family to bless His work in these Cayman Islands. We look eagerly to the glorious day when Christ shall return in power and great glory, and the dead in Christ will rise clothed with glorious immortality.   It will certainly be the greatest reunion day in the history of humankind.  

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