Young Preacher Baptizes 7 In First Campaign

George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Grand Cayman – From July 8 to 15, 2023, an inspiring evangelistic series titled the “It’s Time” Evangelistic Series, led by 20-year-old Ministerial Graduate Roshé Riley, took place at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church. The event garnered significant attention and saw seven individuals making a life-changing decision to be baptized and commit their hearts to the Lord.

The campaign was marked by a sense of anticipation and unity among the church members as they prepared diligently for the series. Prior to the event, the “It’s Time Early Morning Devotion” was held daily via Zoom at 5:30 am, where the congregation gathered to study and pray for the upcoming campaign. Additionally, the “Impact the Community” initiative saw church members actively reaching out to invite the community to the event, resulting in over 100 individuals registering their interest.

The evangelistic series commenced with a soul-stirring “It’s Time to Praise” Gospel Concert. The event featured performances from prominent Seventh-day Adventist gospel artists in the Cayman Islands, including Tanique Dunbar, Nichola Williams, Darnelle Celestine, Oneil Duncan, Clyde Cain, Keila Woods, Carol Robinson, Stephanie Graham and the groups Touch of Faith and Men of Ephesus. The MC for the evening was Mrs Sashoy Duncan, while the singing evangelist, Ricarda Harvey, graced the stage alongside the preacher to close the event. The concert received the support of the Flashpoint team, with radio host Markino Fearon offering a moving prayer for the preacher and performers.

Distinguished guests, including Pastor Ivor Harry, President of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and Pastor Carlon Nyack, Executive Secretary, added their support by attending the campaign. Other esteemed pastors present included Pastor Denton McKogg and retired Pastor Wesley Nyack Sr.

The success of the evangelistic series was a result of meticulous planning and a dedicated campaign team. Led by Evangelist Roshe Riley, the team comprised co-evangelist Pastor Moses Espinosa, singing evangelist Ricarda Harvey, lead Bible worker Eubel Morgan, prayer team leader Vickie Nelson, head of ushers Sonalee Phillips, and Quiz master Yvette Myles. Stacia Malcom acted as the praise team coordinator, Tanique Dunbar assisted with special music, and Gabrielle Best with piano. Sharon Mitchell graciously served as the special attendant to the evangelist, and Rohan and Sherree Riley handled Advertising and campaign management. 

The seamless collaboration between Evangelist Riley and Ricarda Harvey, who sang each night during the appeal, played a significant role in touching the hearts of those attending.

From left: Musician Gabrielle Best, Singing Evangelist Ricarda Harvey and Ministerial Graduate Roshé Riley

Two baptismal services were conducted by Pastor Moses Espinosa during the series, held at both the church and the Smith Cove Community Beach. Regarding the baptismal candidates, two were from Sri Lanka (recently moved to the Cayman Islands), one from Kenya, and four from the Cayman Islands.

The fellowship luncheon held at the conclusion of the series provided an opportunity for the ushers and prayer team to reflect on the campaign’s success and offer prayers for its continued impact. Emotions ran high as team members shared their experiences, with many expressing their deep admiration for Evangelist Roshé Riley’s sincerity and dedication to her ministry.

“I would listen to her all night”, said Sis Forbes, one of the senior ladies in the church. 

In his final introduction of the speaker, Pastor Moses Espinosa praised Evangelist Riley’s inspiring leadership, noting her genuine and pure-hearted approach. He assured her of God’s unwavering support as she continues her ministry. The congregation responded with thunderous applause, affirming their appreciation for the young preacher’s impactful messages.

To ensure a wider reach and to spread the message of hope and salvation, the campaign sermons are now being replayed on local radio station Praise 87.9 FM and have been made available on the YouTube channel “It’s Time Evangelistic Ministry.

The “It’s Time” Evangelistic Series at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church has left an indelible mark on the hearts of both the congregation and the community. Through the passionate preaching of Evangelist Roshé Riley and the unwavering support of the campaign team, seven precious souls have found their way to the Lord’s embrace.

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