Cayman Islands Conference Attends Historic Inter-American Division Camporee in Jamaica

A portion of the Cayman Islands delegation at Inter-American Division Camporee.

Over 10,000 people, including Pathfinders and Master Guides from more than 50 countries, gathered for the Fifth Inter-American Division (IAD) Camporee in Trelawney, Jamaica, from April 4-8, 2023. The theme for the event was “Pathfinders in Mission,” focusing on the story of Gideon and how God used him to complete his mission with only 300 people. It was the first time a camporee was held in an English-speaking territory, and it was a historic occasion for all involved.

Despite officially registering only 87 individuals, the Cayman Islands Conference had a delegation of nearly 100 people in attendance. From the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), there was a delegation of over 400 persons. ATCU was well represented in all aspects of the program, with Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Youth Director of the South Bahamas Conference, serving as one of the hosts for the entire event.

ATCU also coordinated the investiture service, under the guidance of Dr. Kent Price, Atlantic Caribbean Union Youth Director, where over 200 Pathfinders and Master Guides were invested on Sabbath afternoon, April 8th. Both Pastor Carlon Nyack, Former Youth Ministries Director of the Cayman Islands Conference and Director Merle Watkins, Assistant Pathfinder Director of the Cayman Islands Conference, had the privilege to participate in the investiture experience. Pastor Nyack also acted as a Spanish translator occasionally for the translation radios.

Representatives from the Cayman Islands participated in various activities, including running races and the 5K race on Friday. Some delegation members were also part of the praise teams and participated in outreach activities in the community, such as building a home. Additionally, the Cayman Islands Conference partnered with the IAD to prepare over 40 bags of love filled with clean clothes and souvenirs from the Cayman Islands that were shared with Pathfinders from Cuba, Venezuela, and Haiti.

Carla Sue McLaughlin was celebrated at the event for her outstanding service in the Cayman Islands, receiving the IAD Gold Medal of Service for over 40 years of dedicated service to the children and youth in the region. The Cayman Islands Conference also expresses gratitude to Pastor Al Powell, Youth Director of the IAD (and Cayman National), and the entire team for organizing the mammoth event.

The event included powerful and thought-provoking presentations by the General Conference (GC) World Youth Director, Pastor Busi Khumalo. Richard Aguilera dealt with Science and God, and GC World Pathfinder Director, Pastor Andres Peralta, gave energetic and powerful presentations every night. Over 120 individuals were baptized at the camporee, which can be seen as a testament to the event’s positive impact.

Despite the challenges that were faced, the event was a resounding success, with God’s blessings shining through. The Cayman Islands Conference thanks everyone who played a part in the event’s success, including the Club directors and counsellors, unit leaders, cooks, medical staff, security team, and parents who provided support with every step of the way. We hope that every young person who attended will go on to make a difference for the Kingdom of God, remaining faithful and being a blessing every day until Jesus returns.

Submitted by: Pastor Carlon Nyack, Former Youth Director & Executive Secretary l Edited by: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer.

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