Social Worker of the Year Award Given to Seventh-day Adventist

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) recently held its DCFS Awards Recognition Dinner at Pedro St. James. The ceremony focused on honouring departmental employees with 20 to 32 years of service but also delivered individual, team and manager certificates. The night culminated with the presentation of the inaugural Social Worker of the Year – Joyce Hylton Award.

Mrs Tempora Wesley, a member of the George Town Seventh-day Adventist church, was presented the inaugural Joyce Hylton Award. On receiving the honour, Mrs Wesley said, “It is a high honour to receive the first-ever Social Worker of the Year award. I am humbled and so proud to be furthering Mrs Hylton’s mission by doing the job I love, working alongside colleagues that I admire.” When asked about the importance of taking God with you to the workplace, Mrs Wesley had this to say; “It is a privilege to be Jesus’s witness to the perishing world. He instructed us in Matthew 5:16 “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

The award was sponsored and presented by representatives of the Hylton family and the estate of the late Mike Simmons. His executor Ms Elva Smith said; “Mr Simmons, was the informally adopted son of Mrs Hylton and it was his wish that his estate honour her. The award was the most fitting opportunity to do so, as she was the Cayman Islands’ first social worker. The estate has committed to continue sponsoring these awards for the next five years.”

In her opening remarks DCFS Director, Mrs. Paulinda Mendoza-Williams, said: “It is with great honour and pride that I have the privilege of working with colleagues who truly exemplify what it means to be exceptional civil servants delivering world-class customer services. Your passion, compassion, hard work, and dedication consistently make the lives of those we serve better every day.”

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