Our God Leads! Fearful of Nothing!

On 14 March 2020, all 18 Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Cayman Islands worshipped in unison via their local radio station Praise 87.9 FM celebrating their weekly Sabbath services.  The radio station manager, Mr. Dwayne Euter, has confirmed that there were at least 200 persons connected via the internet and countless listeners via radios from the community.

The proposal came in order to secure a level of safety for citizens, residences and visitors in the communities against the pandemic virus: COVID-19. The government of the Cayman Islands has limited the public gatherings of individuals in public places to a maximum of 50 persons. This announcement was made a couple of hours before the Cayman Island’s first confirmed death associated with the Coronavirus.

In complying with the Cayman Islands Government, the Adventist Church has closed all of its public premises to assemblies. It has postponed upcoming events until the government has lifted the restriction. Since the announcement of the restriction, the Adventist media and its various channels of communication have become the main means of replacing the public gatherings by facilitating the Sabbath School and Divine Service.

The feedback was quite applauding as the community supported the Sabbath services via the radio station. It showed that God’s Sabbath can still be kept despite the fear of a pandemic.

Pastor Moises Espinosa (Left) and Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, President of the Seventh-day Adventists Church

The hosts for the morning Sabbath School service included Mr. Dwayne Euter, Pastor Moises Espinosa, and Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, president of the Adventist Church in the Cayman Islands. The two pastors reminded the public how God took care of Daniel and that we too have the assurance there is nothing to fear once we follow the example of Daniel.

Pastor Andrew Campbell (Left)-Executive Secretary, Dwayne Euter, Pastor Carlon Nyack
and Pastor Obed Babb

The main message presented in the Divine Service was that there is assurance for all communities when we all turn to God. He is our assurance and protector, as mention in Psalm 91. The specially selected music by Mr. Dwayne Euter reminded us that God is still protecting us, and we are still under His care. The hosts for the Divine Service were Pastor Andrew Campbell, executive secretary of the Adventist Church in the Cayman Islands, Pastor Carlon Nyack and Pastor Obed Babb.

In concluding the Sabbath’s program, the pastors reminded us of the importance of washing our hands, strengthening our immune system, avoiding little or no contact with others, and remembering to keep sharing this information with others to avoid the pandemic. Most of all, keep sharing Jesus, so that we may all be ready for His soon return.

News and Photos by CICSDA Communication Department

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