Filadelfia Series Ends with 10 New Members

Minutes to Midnight/Minutos para la Medianoche, Filadelfia’s Evangelistic Series

The Filadelfia Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Spanish congregation, concluded its power-packed, one-week, Evangelistic series by adding 10 precious persons to the Kingdom of God. To God be the Glory!
A new dynamic duo emerged through Evangelist Joshua Lawrence and host pastor, Executive Secretary of the Cayman Islands, Carlon Nyack, who translated the messages to Spanish every night.

Pastor Nyack and Elder Lawrence testified that it was a wonderful, spirit-filled week where the power of the Holy Spirit transformed many lives. They shared Christ-centered messages that helped people realize from God’s Word that we are truly minutes to midnight in earth’s history and they emphasized the importance of being prepared for Jesus’ Second Coming.

Pastor Nyack also mentioned that preaching with Elder Lawrence reminded him of when he would preach together with his late father, Pastor Wesley Nyack. It was truly a joy, blessing and wonderful experience. In fact, the last campaign that Pastor Carlon and his father preached was a year ago in the Filadelfia church.

We thank God for the two Evangelists, Joshua Lawrence and Carlon Nyack. Thank you, Kathiann Godoy, the Campaign Manager, our Elders, our bible counsellor, Concepcion McCoy, the entire evangelistic team, and all participants, members, and precious persons who surrendered their lives to Jesus. All these individuals made the campaign a blessing and success to the honour and glory of the Lord! May the Holy Spirit continue to seal His people for God’s Kingdom and prepare for the coming of Jesus as we know it’s Minutes to Midnight!

Written by: Pastor Carlon Nyack, Executive Secretary CIC. District Pastor, Filadelfia and East End.

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