East End Church Annual Back to School Event

The Education and Community Services Departments of the East End Seventh-day Adventist Church recently held its Back to School Event at the Heritage Field in East End. The event’s main focus was to give school supplies, clothing and household items to the members of the East End community at no cost to them.

At the event, a community member expressed his appreciation by stating, “It’s really good to see that the Church still cares and is willing to help those in need.” In addition to the school supplies, the church also provided soup and hot dogs to persons in attendance. The children also had special treats, such as a bouncing castle and ice cream. “It was indeed a blessing. I wish we could do this more frequently; it is a great feeling to share with the community, ” said one team member.

The event opened with a short devotional, prayer and welcome by resident Pastor, Pastor Carlon Nyack.

The East End Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to aiding with temporal and spiritual needs. They know and believe that the purpose of their welfare program is to care for those in need.

Submitted by: Elder Alfred McLean, Communication Director East End Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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