Children and Adolescent Ministries Department engages Children and Youth during Child’s Month 2021

Sermon presented by Rozharia Riley from Children’s Convention 2021

The Children & Adolescent Ministries (CHAMs) Department launched and executed Child’s Month 2021, focusing on the theme “Locked Down, but Not Locked Out”. Throughout May, the department organized and hosted six main events, including the Child Preachers’ Training Program, the launch of Child’s Month, Child Preachers’ Training Graduation, Children’s Convention, and CHAMs Fun Day.

Child Preachers’ Training which was held during the months of March and April 2021, is a six-week training program for children up to the age of 15 years who are taught how to prepare and deliver a sermon. The facilitators Conroy Copeland, Omar Marsh, and Rascine Smith trained ninety-nine (99) children in Grand Cayman and Pastor Maurice Chambers and Elder Hans Stevens taught eleven (11) children in Cayman Brac. This training led up to the launch of Child’s Month 2021 on 1 May, where fourteen child preachers delivered the word of God, and the day culminated with the Child Preachers’ Training Graduation at the Kings Adventist Church. The Creek Church in Cayman Brac and the George Town Church hosted their child preacher on 8 May and launched their Child’s Month activities in their church, respectively.

During the Child Preachers’ Training Graduation, children demonstrated what they learnt over the preceding two months, as the children delivered a mix of pre-written and originally written sermons. The attendees were captivated by Luke Hamilton, who delivered a comedy set like a professional comedian and caused the church to erupt in merriment and laughter. Over eighty (80) children received certificates of participation as they attended three or more training sessions, and leaders were recognized for their dedication and hard work.

Group of Children from Child Preachers Graduation, Grand Cayman

Our next stop on this journey took us to the CHAMs Convention held on 15 May at the Lions Center, which was live-streamed this year, to include persons in other jurisdictions going through COVID19 lockdowns. Over eight hundred (800) attendees converged for a day hosted by our children as they led out from Sabbath School time to Divine Service with unique features, musical items, and even a spiritual experiment. Melissa Smith, the Children & Adolescent Ministries Director, commented, “We were pleased to have a special item of music by a child with autism and to have multiple children with special needs participate throughout the day”.
A significant highlight was the puppet show, which captured both the children and the adults as they were encouraged, always to tell the truth. The spiritual food was delivered in a powerful and meaningful way by twelve-year-old Rozariah Riley, who eloquently shared the word of God.

The afternoon program had children up to age ten moving through five stations: Prayer Station, Affirmation Station, Lego Prayer Station, Books of the Bible Station, Managing Your Emotions Station and children ages eleven to fifteen were a part of the Teen Rap Session led by Deandro Dracket with a focus on positive and negative mental health. The afternoon culminated with the children pinning their blessings on the Blessings Wall, which will be placed at the West Bay Church as they aim to reach ten thousand blessings. Children are encouraged to visit the West Bay Church whenever they have a blessing to add to the wall.

The Children’s Fun Day was held on 23 May at the Agriculture Pavilion. Catering for three hundred plus attendees, the children rode ponies, played basketball, soccer dart and bowling, explored the Police Helicopter and the Fire Trucks, got their faces painted, bounced in the bouncing castles and frolicked in the water slides. The attention was on the waterslides throughout the day, but a great shower of rain, brought the swimmers under the pavilion to satisfy their appetites with various food items.

Throughout May, the children participated in their churches leading out in the services and delivering the sermons. The Children & Adolescent Ministries Department extends gratitude to the CHAM Leaders, Pastors, parents, guardians, volunteers and the children. God has used our children to draw us nearer to Him and to share His word while having a fun time with each other.

We are looking forward to next year’s events and to the impact our children will have.

Written by: Melissa Smith, Children & Adolescent Ministries Director. Edited by: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer

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