North Bahamas Rebuilding Support

Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, president of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, along with the other two administrators of the conference, at the year-end meeting at the union office in Nassau, Bahamas, presented the three officers of the North Bahamas Conference, a check with the sum of US$36,656.01.  The money will assist the conference in their rebuilding efforts after receiving catastrophic damages from Dorian, one of the most devastating hurricanes in the Atlantic basin, that passed through the northern Bahamas in September of this year. 

This substantial gift was possible because of the generous giving of the members of the Adventist Church in the Cayman Islands.  President Clarke expressed gratitude to the conference for this contribution and for supporting them in their time of need.  Union President, Pastor Peter Kerr, expressed admiration of the kindness of the members of the Cayman conference for always extending help to the sister fields during their time of need.

The conference administrators would like to say a big thank you to all of our members for their consistent support of humanitarian crisis such as this.  God has speared the Cayman Islands from the ravages of a hurricane again this year; for this and more we are more than thankful.  As the Lord blesses us, let us continue to share our blessings with others.    

By: Nelda Rose Dracket | Photo by John Garcia

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