New Pastoral Assignments in the Cayman Islands Conference

Following the conclusion of the 6th Quadrennial Session of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the Adventist community is abuzz with new developments. One particular change is the reassignment of pastors to their new church districts. Here are the recommendations that were voted upon and approved by the Executive Committee.

Creek and Little Cayman: Pastor Denton McKogg

East End and Filadelfia: Pastor Carlon Nyack

Bodden Town and Berea: Pastor Maurice Chambers

Kings and North Side: Pastor Kevin Danvers

Maranatha and Ephesus: Pastor Vaughan Henry

West Bay and Bethel: Pastor Andrew Campbell

Newlands: Pastor John Wesley

Savannah: Pastor Caple Thompson

Bethany: Pastor Wilton McDonald

Solid Rock: Pastor Obed Babb

Ebenezer: Pastor Shion O’Connor and Ministerial Intern Roshe Riley

George Town: Pastor Ivor Harry

These pastoral assignments mark a new chapter in the life of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. As our dedicated pastors embrace their new roles and communities, we eagerly anticipate the spiritual growth and positive changes they will bring. The Executive Committee’s thoughtful recommendations have set the stage for a dynamic period of ministry. Stay tuned for updates, and may these changes enrich our faith community and strengthen our bonds as we journey together.

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