New Members Day Celebrations Showcase New Members in Local Churches

The Retention & Discipleship Department recently brought together a tapestry of faith as they celebrated New Members Day across several churches in the conference. From the western reaches of Berea to the eastern district of Savannah, the day was filled with spiritual growth and celebration.

In Berea, the day’s festivities commenced during Divine Service, where the newest members, most of whom had been baptized within the past 12 months, showcased their growing understanding of what it means to be Seventh-day Adventist Christians.

Meanwhile, in the Savannah Church, Pastor Caple Thompson delivered a moving sermon to congregants, culminating in the baptism of a precious soul. Adding a touch of creativity and uniformity to the event, the new believers who participated in the Savannah Church service wore striking red and black attire, symbolizing their commitment to their newfound faith.

Over at the Ebenezer Church, a graduation ceremony was organized to celebrate the successful completion of the specially crafted Sabbath School lessons for new members, along with the Faith of Jesus Bible lessons. Sixteen of the eighteen graduates proudly collected their certificates and awards, decked in full graduation regalia.

Thanks to technology, pre-recorded testimonies were shared, offering glimpses into the rewarding experiences of being members of the Sabbath School units for new members. The day’s highlight was the inspiring address to the graduates delivered by Sis. Karen Ferguson, Assistant to the Retention Director of the Cayman Islands Conference, focused on the day’s theme, “I Will Go.”

Although the Retention Director, Elder Joshua Lawrence, was unavoidably absent due to overseas commitments, he encourages the new members of the church: “Remember, in the midst of challenges, your faith is your greatest source of strength. With God by your side, you have the power to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.”

The churches that actively participated in these New Members Day celebrations included Berea, Ebenezer, Ephesus, George Town, Kings, and Savannah. Other local churches are set to host their New Members Day at a later date, reinforcing the continued growth and unity of the conference.

As the conference celebrates the growth and spiritual development of its new members, there is also a heartfelt appeal to long-standing members to adopt and provide ongoing spiritual support to these new believers. By nurturing and guiding them along their faith journey, the conference can continue to thrive as a vibrant spiritual community.

By: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer, Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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