NCU Graduate Reaches Goal

The great experiences are avenues that individuals work and live through. It is because of great experiences that allow individuals to make sudden and drastic decisions. The experience at the Northern Caribbean University has opened my eyes to understanding and appreciating others as I interacted with many persons from different cultures and countries.

The experience at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) has shifted my attitude towards education and life itself. Having lived in the Cayman Islands with a different mindset, educational system and my parents being there for me, things became uneasy, panicky and apprehensive. The workload suddenly became pressuring, difficult and overbearing. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my purpose and my goals and how I was going to make it in University when I was there by myself.

After thorough introspection, I purposed within myself that I would take on a can-do – mentally. From that point, I created a schedule to map out my time properly. What I realised is that for you to be successful one of the key factors is properly managing the awesome asset we were given TIME! My perception shifted as I strived to be a better student. I incorporated much faith and prayer in God who has aided me to buckle down and focus on what was necessary for my growth as a person. 

NCU has built my character, creativity and competence. This institution has allowed me to achieve the first step to my goal in becoming a Physical Therapist by completing a degree that entails all the prerequisite courses. Experiences can either make you ‘better’ or ‘bitter’. My experience has made me ‘better’. God has been my EVERYTHING. Every situation faced at NCU has allowed my faith to grow stronger in God. I could not make it this far without HIM.

-Abi-Gayle L. Watkins | BSc. 

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