Digital Media Templates for Churches

As time progresses, we realise that our churches have reached a point where digital media is as important as the order of service. If you are reading this, chances are your church has a social media account and use videos and slides as a part of the service. You may have noticed; the Seventh-day Adventist Church has developed a very lovely identity guide system. It’s essential that we keep a consistent brand so that people become familiar with our churches, schools, hospitals and other organisations. With that being said, here are some awesome templates that can be used as a part of your churches digital presence.

On social media, a profile photo is significant as it helps other people to identify you. This concept is no different for our churches, so the branding guide encourages us to use the churches logo as the profile photo. Having the logo as your profile photo ensures that the moment someone visits your profile, they immediately identify you and develop the right impression of you. If you choose to use a cover photo for your accounts, remember to incorporate the Sabbath Column as part of your design. This Column can be used even during worship as you display the various slides for service.

We know that lately, many of you have been plunged into the deep end of creating social media accounts and are probably wondering what to post there. Using the Conference’s accounts as an example, you can share moments of worship (Pictures or Videos), you can share quotes that will encourage others or scriptures that will inspire conversation. The possibilities are endless! But should in case you need some posts that are ready for you to use, here is a free resource for you.  

Profile Picture Download

PowerPoint Templates Download

Free Social Media Resource Download

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Here are some examples of how to use these templates.

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