Colporteurs in Ministry

Oshane Gordon from Jamaica, and Betsy Anai Perez from Belize, were new friendly faces in the Cayman Islands this summer, as they offered the Good News in our communities by selling and offering Bible-based books and tracts.

Each year the Cayman Islands Conference’s Publishing Department invites students like Oshane and Betsy from regional and international Adventist institutions to participate in what’s known as the colporteur ministry.

Oshane is now attending Northern Caribbean University as a theology student. Betsy intends to pursue a degree in clinical psychology at Montemorelos University in Mexico.

While colporteuring in Grand Cayman, the two colporteurs also shared their personal words about Jesus and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Part of their book sale proceeds will be used to fund their education.

Betsy said she’s been selling books since she was 11, with her dad and mom who are veteran colporteurs. She’s been selling books by herself since she was 15 years old.

By: John E. Wesley | Photo by John E. Wesley
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