ATCU Secretariat and Treasury Council Meeting

The Adventist Risk Management, Inc is the official insurance and risk management company for the Seventh-day Adventist churches and it’s ministries around the world. “We provide timely, real-world insurance products and innovative risk management solutions for minimising risk within Adventist ministries at all levels,” said visiting president of the Adventist Risk Management, Mr. Tim Northrop, who talked about concerns regarding insurance claims, child and church safety to Adventist members in the New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nassau, Bahamas, on 23 February 2020. Mr. Northrop finished with a questions and answers segment where each member had an opportunity to participate.

In attendance to this meeting were the secretariats, treasurers and their support staff from the Cayman Islands Conference, North Bahamas Conference, South Bahamas Conference and the Turks and Caicos Islands Conference. Also in attendance was the president of South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Kenny Deveaux, and Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) administrators,  Dr Cheryl Rolle, Executive Secretary, and Elder Roderick Sands, Chief Financial Officer.

Tim Northrop, President of Adventist Risk Management

On 24 February 2020, Mr. Northrop met with the secretariats, treasurers and support staff of the conferences and ATCU, and he shared presentations and facilitated discussions about the Adventist Risk Ministries in the union.

Elizabeth Christian, Associate Treasurer, Inter-American Division

Other guests speakers present as well were Associate Treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Christian, Inter-American Division (IAD) and Software Engineer, Mr. Oscar Nino, IAD. Both presenters informed the attendees of the new online software to access the Employee Protection Plans (EPP).

Oscar Nino, Software Engineer, Inter-American Division

The plans have been created for the employees of the Inter-American Division territory, its organisations and their families, in order for them to have financial support in case of a tragedy, such an accident, death, or disability. The participants of this plan include the active employee and his family (spouse and dependent children under the age of 24, who are single and have not yet graduated). Even if the spouse works for another company, they are still eligible to be included in the EPP, as dependents, provided that the necessary arrangements have been made with the employing organisation.

Lorenzo Verduzco, Software Development Director, Inter-American Division

In addition, Software Development Director, Lorenzo Verduzco, IAD,  showed examples of the new church accountant software named Ecclesia7 which is an electronic remittance software for all churches in the IAD.  The software is designed to send data to the conferences, unions, and the division to provide statistical information on tithes and offerings.  The statistical information was successfully demonstrated and received by all the treasurers and their treasury support staff of the union and the conferences. The software applications for the EPP and Ecclesia7 are fully data protection compliant.

During the two weekdays of the secretariat and treasury council, the participants were spiritually uplifted by two devotional speakers: Executive Secretary, Pastor Terry Tanis, Turks & Caicos Islands Conference and Chief Financial Officer, Elder John E. Wesley, Cayman Islands Conference.

News and Photos by CICSDA Communication Department

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