The Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) is an international humanitarian Agency working in 118 countries to provide immediate assistance when a disaster strikes. (You can also view for more information) ADRA Cayman is part of this network having been established since 1998 and has demonstrated ethical principles associated with the goals and mission as it relates to humanitarian efforts without discrimination regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, or any form of personal affiliations. ADRA Cayman Islands is a registered body under the Cayman Islands Government Non- Profit Organization Regulations (Revision Law 2020). Our Certificate of Registration NPO. 539 authorizes us to operate under the guidance of the Cayman Islands NPO Law (2020), and we are subjected to the Financial Regulations of the Cayman Islands Government. ADRA Cayman Islands is a member of Cayman Islands Hazard Management (HMCI) Voluntary Agency Responders and have worked with HMCI to assist with the implementation of its Hurricane Restoration Plan. ADRA has 32 volunteers who have completed the HMCI Shelter Management Program; therefore, we are authentic and competent in assisting during disasters.ADRA Cayman has over 200 registered volunteers, and no one working in our organization is compensated for their services. All our services are free, and we depend on the free will of persons who may contribute to help us in our humanitarian work. We have competent persons who are responsible for all logistics related to the transportation and distribution of your donated supplies. We have policies and procedures that are related to confidentiality of your personal information, and we also follow ethical values that all volunteers must obey in relations to respect of beliefs, cultures, and standards of acceptable behaviour. Whenever ADRA Cayman Islands makes a public appeal for a specific project, we want you to know that all supplies and funds that are related to that special appeal are distributed. ADRA Cayman does not retain any funds given. 100% of what is contributed goes directly to the specific projects, whether local or external. In this case, Nicaragua and Honduras.In November, Honduras and Nicaragua experienced category 4 and 5 hurricanes, namely, ETA and IOTA, which has caused devastation throughout these countries, including the loss of lives. The Cayman Island Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is partnering with the Honduran and Nicaraguan ADRA volunteers to assist both countries in their recovery efforts. This is not the first time ADRA Cayman Islands has assisted communities affected by disasters. Our historical records show that ADRA Cayman Islands has always been actively involved in this type of work. Examples:

  1. Our united efforts during hurricane Mitch in bringing hope to the people of Nicaragua Puerto Cabeza and Ahaus Honduras in 1998 through the building of a clinic and the refurbishment of other structures in both countries. 
  2. Our management of food supplies during hurricane Ivan 2004, 
  3. collecting and shipping supplies to Cayman Brac during hurricane Paloma, 
  4. Turks and Caicos 2015 Hurricane Maria, 

Bahamas Hurricane Dorian 2019 and Volunteering during Tropical Storm ETA are just examples of our ability to manage during disasters. Our humanitarian Activities include the following but not limited to:

  1. Health and Welfare- healthy living and prevention
  2. Education-learning intervention and skill development programs
  3. Social Interventions – alleviate hunger, poverty, and abuse intervention
  4. Disaster Management – food distribution and storage 
  5. Water and Sanitation- waste disposal intervention.

Due to the nature of this disaster, ADRA Cayman Islands is collecting non-perishable Food Items and Hygiene supplies and funds to meet the needs of these community to alleviate hunger and suffering. (No clothing items are accepted at this time).

Items Include:

  • Cases of Baby Formula and other baby food products
  • Water Sanitation Tablets
  • Cases of beans (non-pork ingredients)
  • Cases mixed with Fruit juices 
  • Cases of Juices (caprisun, small bottles (no glass)
  • Cases of children snacks in small packages preferred (cornflakes, chips, etc.)
  • Cases of liquid milk ( powdered milk is acceptable but might be a challenge to send powder milk due to lack of water supplies)
  • Cases of tin foods (non-pork ingredients)
  • Cases of rice up to 5 lbs preferable (small packages making it easier for distribution). Larger is also accepted.

Building purposes Items:

  • Tarpaulin 
  • Chain saws 
  • Nails 

Locations: Cost U Less Supermarket West Bay


  1. Eastern Avenue (Storage Facility) next to Bananas Restaurant (Signage posted outside on the main road next to the traffic light identifying the building).
  2. Storage Opening Hours for dropping off items

Sundays – Thursdays 12 noon – 3 pm and 5 pm – 8 pm Daily

Fridays – 12 noon – 3 pm

Saturday – 6 pm – 8:30 pm 

Contact Numbers: 547-6024 and 327-6609 (Please call before dropping off)

Banking information: Monetary contributions can be deposited into account number 500-623-4 at RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited Georgetown, Grand Cayman, or by check made payable to Cayman Islands Adventist Development and Relief Agency. 

We have attached photos of some of our activities for your reference.

Edris Ocho, Adventist Relief Agency Cayman Director 

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