11 Years of Dedicated Service

The pastor and members of the Filadelfia Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Spanish congregation established for over 31years, hosted a grand banquet in honour of the Dracket’s family to say a big thank you for their more than 11 years of dedicated service to the church on Sunday evening, 13th October 2019.  Pastor Dracket spent two terms pastoring the church, from 2000 – 2004 and 2011 – 2019.  Also in attendance was the Executive Secretary of the Cayman Islands Conference, Pastor Jeff Jefferson.

The Bodden Town Civic Centre was transformed into a banquet gala with colours of red, black and white. The event was well supported and being a formal occasion, the members were dressed in fine style in colours of black and red.

Pastor Carlon Nyack, church pastor, and Ms Danesy Montoya were the master of ceremonies for the evening.  Members of the church were given an opportunity to personally express thanks to Pastor Dracket and family for being there for them over the years. Mr Pedro Calzado spoke on behalf of the pastor, church board and members, expressing gratitude for the many years of service given to the Filadelfia Church.  A video, with lots of memories and expressions of gratitude, was a highlight of the evening.

A beautiful, framed photo of the church family was presented to the Drackets as a keepsake and memories for the years to come.  Pastor Dracket spoke on behalf of the family and expressed sincere thanks for the wonderful gesture and kind words of appreciation expressed during the evening.      

By: Nelda Rose Dracket | Photo by Pastor Carlon Nyack
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