New Counseling and Mental Health Service to begin with the return of Dr Shion O’Connor.

Dr Shion O’Connor, former President of the Cayman Islands and Pastor, has returned to the Cayman Islands. Upon his return, the Cayman Islands Conference Executive Committee appointed Dr O’Connor to develop a new and well-needed Counseling and Mental Health Service to benefit the Caymanian society.

O’Connor left the Cayman Islands in 2018 after graduating from the California Southern University in 2018 with a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology and has been in California for the past three years pursuing licensing requirements for clinical psychology in that state. Consequent to his recent return, he has also successfully registered as a clinical psychologist in the Cayman Islands. 

In conversation with Dr O’Connor, he shared, “I am delighted to be home. The last three years have been quite challenging, but I think the personal sacrifice required to prepare myself for wider service was worth it. I wish to thank the members of my church and the community for their prayers and support, and I look forward to making my contribution to improving the mental health of all who resides in the Cayman Islands.”

Before this most recent accomplishment, Dr O’Connor earned a Master’s degree in Human Services, specializing in marriage, couples, and family counselling from Capella University. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Law from the University of Liverpool and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from the Northern Caribbean University.  

At the time of his departure from the Cayman Islands in 2018, Dr O’Connor served the Cayman Islands government as a member of the Commission for Standard in Public Life. Before that, he served as a member of the Cayman Islands Constitution Modernization Committee. 

The Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists welcomes Dr Shion O’Connor and looks forward to the impact his return will have on the community in the Cayman Islands.

Written by: Devarro Whittaker, Associate Television Producer.

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