CHAM Leaders are Certified

The Children and Adolescents Ministries Department (CHAM) conducted the Leadership Certification Module, Level 6, at the Bodden Town Adventist Church, from the 23rd – 30th of September and 1st – 3rd of October for Children’s Ministries leaders, Children’s Division leaders and other interested leaders of our churches. 

This programme is prepared by the General Conference and initiated by the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. 

The information presented was contemporary and relevant for parents, leaders and children of all ages. Outlined are the various topics covered and names of the presenters: 

  • ‘God’s Design for Healthy Children’ – Health Ministries Director, Gay Marie Smith
  • ‘The Ins and Outs of Adolescent Brain’ – Dr Hortense Smith
  • ‘Hold on to Your Kids. Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers’ – Family Life Director, Pastor Ivor Harry
  • ‘How to Prepare Children for Baptism’ – Pastor Maurice Chambers
  • ‘Talking to Kids About Disaster’ – Guidance Counsellor, Cayman Academy, Mrs Darisa Applewhaite
  • ‘Empowered Children’s Ministries in the Local Church’ – CHAM Leader, Berea Church, Ms Melissa Smith
  • ‘Evangelising Postmodern Children’ – Pastor Carlon Nyack
  • ‘Seven Ways to Reach Children’ – Coordinator, Early Learning Division, Cayman Academy, Mrs Judith Jones Gordon.

This enlightening and well-supported training culminated with a luncheon and graduation on Sunday, 6th October, in the Cayman Academy canteen.  Fourteen leaders received certificates of completion.  During the luncheon, many of the leaders expressed how grateful they were for the wealth of knowledge received and the benefits it will have on improving their leadership in their respective positions. 

The CHAM Director, Mrs Cereta McDonald, expressed gratitude to all of the presenters with a token of appreciation.  She also recognised all attendees who had perfect attendance.  Those completing the training were encouraged to share, the topics covered, with their local congregations.  The director expressed: ‘The programme was an excellent one, and I am pleased with the results’

By: Nelda Rose Dracket | Photos by CICSDA
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