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Stewardship of Talents

The parable of the talents, rightly understood, will bar out covetousness, which God calls idolatry. God has lent men talents—an intellect to originate, a heart to be the place of His throne, affection to flow out in blessings to others, a conscience to convict of sin. Each one has received something from the Master, and each one is to do his part in supplying the needs of God’s work. God desires His workers to look to Him as the Giver of all they possess, to remember that all that they have and are comes from Him who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working. He has entrusted men with talents, and He desires them to look to Him for counsel. Thus, they may use His gifts with unerring aptitude, testifying that they are workers together with God.

Property is a talent

Property is a talent. All that we have is the Lord’s, without any question. He calls upon us to awake, to bear a share of the burdens of His cause, that prosperity may attend His work. Every Christian is to act his part as a faithful steward.

Speech is a talent

Speech is a talent. Of all the gifts bestowed on the human family, none should be more appreciated than the gift of speech. It is to be used to declare God’s wisdom and wondrous love. An indwelling Saviour is revealed by the words. The Lord desires those connected with His work to speak at all times with the meekness of Christ.

Strength is a talent

Strength is a talent and is to be used to glorify God. Our bodies belong to Him. He has paid the price of redemption for the body as well as for the soul. We can serve God better in the vigour of health than in the palsy of disease; therefore, we should cooperate with God in the care of our bodies.

Influence is a talent

Influence is a talent, and it is a power for good when God is in our heart. The influence of a holy life is felt at home and abroad. The practical benevolence, the self-denial and self-sacrifice, which mark the life of a man, have an influence for good upon those with whom he associates.


In the Lord’s plan, there is a diversity in the distribution of talents. To one man is given one talent, to another five, to another ten, according to the ability of the recipient.

The Lord bids us all, “Occupy till I come.” By His own wisdom, He has given us direction for the use of His gifts. The talents of speech, memory, influence, property, are to accumulate for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom. He will bless the right use of His gifts. To a greater or less degree, all are placed in charge of the talents of their Lord. The spiritual, mental, and physical ability, the influence, station, possessions, affections, sympathies, all are precious talents to be used in the cause of the Master for the salvation of souls for whom Christ died.

The people of God should realise the fact that God has not given them talents for the purpose of enriching themselves with earthly goods, but so that they may lay up in store a good foundation against the time to come, even for eternal life. – Condensed from Ellen G. White: Counsels on Stewardship-Chapter 24.

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