Stay Home, Save Lives Cayman

By now, many of us have heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the unfortunate reality is, it is spreading quickly. What is even worse is based on the current projections, it will continue to do so for a while. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there have been over 160 thousand deaths recorded worldwide. (Let us remember to pray for the families who are affected) Here in the Cayman Islands and many other countries in the world, social distancing is the primary weapon used to fight this pandemic. However, what exactly is meant by social distancing? The term social distancing refers to persons deliberately increasing the physical space between themselves and other individuals to avoid spreading illness. Because of this, the government issued a ‘shelter in place’ regulation, meaning persons should stay home unless covered by any of the exemptions outlined in the law. The aim of the ‘shelter in place’ is to reduce human contact and cut down the opportunities for the coronavirus to spread. From this, the term “Stay Home Cayman” was born.

The Cayman Islands Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) supports the Cayman Islands Government COVID-19 “Stay Home Initiative”. We believe that all persons must obey the Government “Shelter in Place” directive because the objective is to “SAVE LIVES”.  While we know that the social distancing guidelines create feelings of stress, fear and nervousness, it is essential to understand these emotions are healthy, but the measures are critical to help slow the spread of COVID 19 and to avoid overwhelming the health care system so ill patients can receive care. To help with the promotion of this objective, ADRA Cayman has partnered with the Cayman Islands Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinder Clubs to communicate the message “STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES” using videos that were developed by club members of all age groups. We hope you will share these with your friends and relatives to help them stay home and save lives in the Cayman Islands.

There are four videos in this playlist be sure to watch them all. Including one in Spanish.

Written by: Edris Ocho, ADRA Director Cayman. Devarro Whittaker l Photo credit: Devarro Whittaker,

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