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Health Ministries

Health Ministries
Departmental Director
Mrs. Sashoy Duncan

Health Statement of Philosophy

Christ ministered to the whole person. Following His example, the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church includes a ministry of healing to the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. The ministry of healing includes care and compassion for the sick and suffering and the maintenance of health. The relationship of spiritual and natural laws, man’s accountability to these laws, and the grace of Christ which assures victorious living are to be integrated into ministry.

The Church and its institutions should promote and provide competent and caring service that respects the dignity and rights of patients. Adventist health care and ministries are to promote only those practices based upon the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy, or evidence-based methods of disease prevention, treatment, and health maintenance. “Evidence-based” means there is an accepted body of peer-reviewed, statistically significant evidence that raises probability of effectiveness to a scientifically convincing level.

In harmony with Christ’s loving reaffirmation of freedom of choice, and the dignity of humankind, Seventh-day Adventist health care institutions should give high priority to personal dignity and human relationships. They should seek to provide an efficient, safe, and caring

environment conducive to the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Education in healthful habits of living, as well as supportive care of the patient and family through the dying process,  is integral to Adventist health care.

God’s grace enables Christians to bring their lives into harmony with His physical, mental, social, and spiritual laws. This enhances their state of moral discernment and the quality of their lives. – Condense from the Inter-American Division Working Policy, 2018-2019, p. 399 and 400.

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