Cayman Islands Conference


Head of Communications Department


IT & TV Station Manager
Mr. Kaneil Barrett

Radio Station Manager

Associate Producer 
Mr. Devarro Whittaker

Communications Statement of Philosophy

There are many forms of communicative media available to the Church today, and the Communication Department is committed to using all of these means in sharing with the world the good news of salvation. Especially effective in accomplishing God’s mission are media organisations and evangelistic ministries, working in cooperation with pastors and laypersons.

Because communication of the gospel is the responsibility of the entire Church, the Communication Department is involved in all the programs of the Church, seeking to serve both administrators and departments with the skills it possesses or can access resources to publicise these programs. The Communication Department assists administrators and other Church leaders in communicating organisational policies and initiatives to both internal and external publics. In addition, the department interprets to administration the attitudes of these publics toward the Church. The department also provides crisis communication expertise and response systems.

Close liaison between a communication director and administration may be accomplished by the membership on administrative councils, the executive committee or board, or frequent consultation with and briefing by the executive officer. During these exchanges, Communication Department personnel are able to perform a valuable service by advising regarding the possible effects of plans and programs on the mission of the Church.

The objective of the department is to reach society, both within the Church and externally, with an open, responsible, and hope-filled communication program through the effective use of contemporary technologies and traditional methods of communication. –Condense from the Inter-American Division Working Policy, 2018-2019, p. 291.

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