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ADRA Cayman Islands

The Mission of ADRA is to work for the welfare of all humanity in association with other Agencies to provide relief efforts to assist those who may have experienced a disaster, whether through natural causes or any other types of humanitarian crisis.

The Vision of ADRA is to create an environment where all human needs can be met to alleviate hunger and other forms of humanitarian crisis that may have affected the live hood of themselves or others.

The Purpose of ADRA is to provide support and services to meet the need of all residents to the Cayman Islands and other areas in the world, especially in the Caribbean region before, during and the recovery stage of a disaster.

ADRA Cayman Islands Services includes the following but limited to:

  • Health and Welfare
  • Education
  • Social Interventions
  • Disaster Management
  • Water and Sanitation

ADRA International

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Through an international network, ADRA delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries—regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, or religious association.

By partnering with communities, organizations, and governments, ADRA is able to improve the quality of life of millions through 9 impact areas.

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ADRA Disaster Relief Walk/Run 2023

The Cayman Islands Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), a registered non-profit organization (NPO) in the Cayman Islands, organized its second Disaster Relief Walk/Run event, “Take Me to the Water 2”. The event saw a remarkable turnout of over 200

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Hurricane or Storm

The 2021 hurricane season is here, and the Cayman Islands needs to be prepared for this period.  The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Cayman Islands encourages the community to be ready to activate their personal and family hurricane plans.

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The Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) is an international humanitarian Agency working in 118 countries to provide immediate assistance when a disaster strikes. (You can also view for more information) ADRA Cayman is part of this network having been established since 1998 and has demonstrated

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The Cayman Islands Government issued a Tropical Storm warning for the Cayman Islands Friday November 6th, immediately the, ADRA Cayman Hurricane Restoration Plan was activated. This Plan consists of a new organizational structure where the island is divided into geographical

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